Zeleros as a Promising Cleantech Startup to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

Zeleros as a Promising Cleantech Startup to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

March 1, 2020 0 By Looper

EU-Startups is the leading online publication with a focus on startups in Europe. It follows European internet and tech startups, especially if they are young technology companies.

One day ago, on February 29, they have published an article on the most promising cleantech European startups. Cleantech is a short word used to describe products and processes that are playing a role in reducing negative impacts on the environment. Clean technology should improve energy efficiency, the sustainable use of the resources that are available or it should engage in environmental protection activities.

Among the companies that have made the cut this year is Zeleros – a Spanish company founded by the members of the Hyperloop UPV team which has been awarded at SpaceX Hyperloop Design Weekend Competition in 2015. Since then the company has started designing and developing hyperloop system not to compete but to create new sustainable transportation technology.

One of the company’s most recent achievements was to be among four European companies that are the members of JTC 20 which stands for Joint Technical Committee. It is collaboration between hyperloop companies from different countries that has been created to enable international standardisation of hyperloop transportation system. Apart from Zeleros, JTC 20 comprises of Hardt Hyperloop, Hyper Poland and TransPod.

Currently, the Spanish company is building a 1.2-mile test track in Sagunto, Spain.

The idea behind the top 10 ranking was to distinguish the firms that are at the forefront of making the economy and the society more sustainable, efficient and clean. It means that EU-Startups wanted to choose the companies that are doing the best job in implementing green energy. Those would be the ones that are developing electric cars, solar systems, battery designs and yes, hyperloop. If built, the hyperloop system could be the most environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

The other companies, apart from Zeleros, that were picked as the most promising ones currently in the business are: NorthVolt, Sono motors, Zolar, Ecoligo, Solytic, Energy Vault, Instagrid, Lancey Energy Storage and Refurbed.

Zeleros team promises to keep working on demonstrating safety and sustainability of the hyperloop system that they are creating. They are also really proud to have made the cut and to have been included as one of the pioneering cleantech companies. Juan Vicén, co-founder of Zeleros, posted a tweet in which he showed how happy he is about the recent news.