Zeleros and others hit the road to lobby for Hyperloop

Zeleros and others hit the road to lobby for Hyperloop

March 14, 2019 0 By The Tubist

Members of Zeleros were invited by Ministerio de Fomento (Spanish Government – the Ministry of Development) to carry out a strategic session on hyperloop systems explaining the progress of Zeleros in Spain to 50 high-level executives from different fields. Representatives of Renfe – the Spanish national passengers and freight railway operator, INECO – an international infrastructure engineering and consultancy company, CEDEX – a civil engineering research agency in Spain, Senasa – Spanish aeronautical safety company, AESA – Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency, were present at the meeting among many others.

“At Zeleros we keep working to drive this pioneer global project taking advantage of Spain’s potential and experience in high-speed transport systems. Thanks to Ministerio de Fomento for their kind invitation and to the participants for their attention.”

It is interesting to see so much interest in Spain in Hyperloop, despite the country being known to transportation experts as the one with the least utilised High Speed Railway (HSR) network. Spain as of 2015  operated 54 km of HSR per million of inhabitants with more in construction. For reference France which has the second largest network in relative terms in 2015 operated 31 km of HSR per million of inhabitants. Most countries with HSR have 10-20 km per million of inhabitants. Hyperloop ultimately will be a competitive technology to HSR on distances under 1000 km. According to FEDEA only three HSR lines worldwide yield a marginal operational profit. Paris-Lyon, Tokyo-Osaka and Jian-Quingdao.

Another event in Zeleros’s schedule was a visit to the European Commission to talk about standarization of the future technology. Hardt and Transpod representatives were also present at the meeting. The companies sat down with Henrik Hololei and Carlo Borhini, high European officials responsible for the Mobilty and Transportation policies. The outcome of the meeting is unknown. Neither whether other companies like HTT, VHO, or EUROLOOP are involved in the standarisation process.