West Virginia Rooting for Hyperloop

West Virginia Rooting for Hyperloop

February 15, 2020 0 By Looper

Virgin Hyperloop One (VHO) is still looking for the best place to build their hyperloop test centre. West Virginia is still one of their best options.

Kristen Hammer, business development manager in VHO, in her interview with WV MetroNews host, Hoppy Kercheval, confirmed that the company is going to build a six-mile test facility. It would allow operational testing and establishing regulatory framework for the new system of transport.

Hammer’s job is to determine if the location has everything that is necessary for the kind of facility the company needs. That means that she has to investigate if the surrounding land is sufficient from a topographical point of view, what the workforce availability is and how rural or urban the place is. She also clearly stated that VHO is not looking just for a well-located spot. The company wants to form a long-term partnership with the region it chooses.

Hammer also noticed the fact that so far West Virginia has provided a very strong showing. She was especially impressed with the way that she and her colleagues have been treated by their business partners and the whole community. They have been welcomed with open arms. For example the visit of VHO officials during Friday’s floor session concluded with delegates giving a standing ovation. It is a really good sign indicating that people there actually support hyperloop and that they want to see this technology in the place where they live.

VHO is expected to make a decision concerning the test centre in the third quarter of 2020.