UPV launches a Kickstater campaign to fund the test track

UPV launches a Kickstater campaign to fund the test track

March 22, 2019 0 By The Tubist

Hyperloop UPV is the Spanish Hyperloop team from the Universitat Politècnica de València. They started in October 2015. Five students from UPV decided to participate in the Hyperloop Design Weekend Competition organized by SpaceX in Texas in January 2016. the experts awarded Hyperloop UPV  with the Best Overall Concept Design and Best Propulsion System. The proposed design was the only one which was able to levitate by attraction to the top of the tube, which meant significantly lowering the infrastructure costs.

Now,  the Hyperloop UPV team launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund a test track.

“We would need at least one hundred meters in order to test our prototype prior to the Competition, but with three hundred meters we could run at much greater speeds and even have the possibility of levitating in the near future.” says the offer on Kickstarer.

The aim of the campaign is called the HyperTrack – the first Hyperloop test track in Spain. The infrastructure will be built at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. As visible on a presented video, the track is without any tube, so only propulsion is possible to be tested at first. 

The capsule to be tested on the test track is supposed to be unveiled on the 11th of May:

Turian is the name of UPV this year’s prototype, a lighter, faster and more aerodynamic Pod that will compete next July against the best technological universities on the planet. It will be revealed to the whole world next May 10, in an event where all the sponsors will be able to enjoy a unique ceremony, where they will be able to get to know the whole team and know all the parts of the prototype.” says the unveiling announcement