There’s light at both ends of The Boring Company’s first tunnel

There’s light at both ends of The Boring Company’s first tunnel

November 26, 2018 0 By The Tubist

The Boring Company started works on it’s first “Hawthorne test tunnel” in mid-2017. It starts at the SpaceX headquarters and follows Hawthorne’s 120th St. for about two miles.

An opening ceremony is planned for Dec. 10, and it aims to present the tunnel to the public for the first time. The Boring Company’s website describes the soon-to-be-completed tunnel as only the “first section” of what will presumably be a longer Hawthorne tunnel.

The Boring Company has other projects in development as well. Also in L.A. the “Dugout Loop” will give the residents of Los Felix, East Hollywood, and Rampart Village easier access to Dodger Stadium. Outside of California, The Boring Company is also working on a “Chicago Express Loop” for easier access to the city’s O’Hare Airport and an “East Coast Loop” that will connect Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

The Hawthorne tunnel is the smallest of those projects, and can accurately be characterized as The Boring Company’s proof-of-concept tunnel. Still, with the Dec. 10 opening now less than a month away, opening up the other end of the tunnel — which workers have been sealing off behind the boring machine — is a major step forward.