‘Sustainability is the reason for Hyperloop’s existence’ – Richard Branson’s dream

‘Sustainability is the reason for Hyperloop’s existence’ – Richard Branson’s dream

December 10, 2018 0 By The Tubist

Richard Branson shared some of his thoughts on the future of the Hyperloop technology developed by Virgin Hyperloop One. Below you can find some of them with short comments.

Over the course of the next 50 years, hyperloop technology will spearhead a revolution in transportation. The power of personal mobility, at unprecedented levels of speed and convenience, will alter the landscape of cities, regions and countries. New highly competitive tech hubs, mega-regions and supra-borders will be created, defined by neither time nor distance. Transportation, more than any other technology sector, will determine the future concentration of human capital and, with that, speed the global development of education, wealth and investment. In 2019, we will see the completion of several feasibility studies in the United States, as we work towards the commercialisation of our technology in years, not decades.

We can clearly see the timeline of VHO’s plans to introduce a commercial technology.

At Virgin we have been in the trains industry for several decades. But we are coming into an age when those trains – or, better yet, hyperloop pods – should, in fact, be on-demand. In the way that the railways powered the last 100 years, Hyperloop could transform the next. It is in this changing landscape of human connectivity that the hyperloop has gone from an abstract idea to an on-the-ground practical necessity. It is one that will be realised within the next decade as the first game-changing transportation technology in a century.

Richard Branson clearly shows one of the main advantages of the Hyperloop technology – on demand scheduling. This one wasn’t present in media publications nor discussions, but it definitely remains crucial advantages over other means of transportation, maybe even more important than speed.

Central to all of this change is the issue that holds the fate of many an industry in its hands: sustainability. Sustainability is the reason for hyperloop’s existence. While there is still-viable competition from other transportation modes, sustainability will set hyperloop apart. From both an engineering and – yes – a marketing standpoint, we are genuine about changing the way the world travels in order to change the world.

Virgin Hyperloop One’s estimates in terms of reducing yearly emissions on journeys between 500 and 1500 km are around 58 percent.

We have come a long way from the white-paper origins of this technology in 2013. The advances being made are almost a world away from what was proposed then. The aim has been not so much the creative destruction of the transportation sector as the creative concentration of it. Hyperloop is a pioneering technology with the power to create a fundamental, massive shift in human ingenuity and social progress – a genuine industrial revolution.

Mentioned Elon Musk’s Whitepaper on Hyperloop set a foundation and resurrected the technology idea, but from then, every entity has followed their own path and every single one of them is the part of this revolution.


Full text is available at Wired.co.uk under this link.