Students From Edinburgh Do Not Rest

Students From Edinburgh Do Not Rest

May 15, 2020 0 By Looper

HYPED is a hyperloop project which has been founded and is being conducted by students from the University of Edinburgh. Even though, with the current situation, its resources are lately being used to help with fighting the ongoing pandemic, its members did not forget about the hyperloop competition. They have been working remotely on a few exciting projects and now they have published a press release in which they are talking about their new designs which were invented specially for the hyperloop system.

LIMs prototype

There are three main innovations on which the team is working on right now. The first one of them is the newly-designed Linear Induction Motor (LIM).  It is a vital part of the propulsion system and as such, it provides the capsule with the force required to make it slide through the tunnel at ultra-high speeds. The students working on this specific task have been able to eliminate the need for the speed-limiting rotating rotor which had been used previously. By doing so they have improved the efficiency. The team has also separated the power source from the series connection components for the purpose of risk reduction.

Chassis prototype

The next element that has also been improved is the chassis. This year HYPED members were able to design a chassis which measured 1.5 m in length but weighed only 15 kg, which contributed to achieving a 33.2% weight reduction. The goal was to make it as strong as possible but without adding too much weight. For the construction process they decided to utilize the leftover material which was available after last year’s pod manufacturing process ended. They have also experimented with new composite panels and different kinds of adhesives needed to hold the structure together.

Magnetic braking system

The final novelty presented in the press release was the magnetic braking system. It is an extremely important part of the project and it has to be reliable. Therefore, the team has developed a primary system of symmetric, magnetic brakes in order to make sure that the pod is equipped with a strong and efficient braking force. The team members desiged a brake system which would have a low environmental impact. Therefore, they came up with the structure that does not require any direct contact but is based solely on magnetic forces instead. As for low speeds, a secondary system, this time based on friction, has also been implemented.

It looks like HYPED is still focused on the goal. They have been working hard on making a better and improved version of their pod.