Richard Macfarlane from reviews the Hyperloop Progress

Richard Macfarlane from reviews the Hyperloop Progress

March 10, 2019 0 By admin

Richard Macfarlane is an engineer from Australia who from the very beginning was a big proponent of Hyperloop. He took part in the 1st edition of the SpaceX Pod competition and was the only person to advance to the competition semi-finals in Houston without any additional team members. The concept he developed was well received by the SpaceX jury, however, due to the formal requirements of the competition he could not advance further without being formally affiliated with a university.

Cross comparison of Macfarlane’s Cheetah Pod and High Speed Railway

In the newly published video Richard sums up six years of the Hyperloop development since the release of the Elon Musk’s whitepaper in 2013. In a brief manner he presents how the research on the suspension systems quickly moved from air skis to maglev. However, due to the recent advancements in the Pod Competition the wheels are getting more and more traction and hold currently the Hyperloop speed record established by Warr Hyperloop in 2018.

Comparison of speed records of different transportation means discussed in the video.

Richard points out how even Elon Musk early on suggested that wheels might be the best way to go in the beginning to limit the number of miracles “which must happen in series”. Even though the solution seems very practical it is not free from its drawbacks of which the wear seems to be the biggest concern at high speeds.

For the full review of the Hyperloop technology development done by one the industry veterans see the video below:

Apart of his work on the Pod Competition entry Richard was an early member of the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. His work can be found in one of their early technical reports which were made available through the JumpStartFund platform, where HTT was founded. At the moment Richard is listed as Senior Engineering Guru at EUROLOOP.