New Player in the Game?

New Player in the Game?

March 3, 2020 0 By Looper

The idea of building the first fully operational hyperloop system has been motivating people from all around the globe to start their own hyperloop projects. There are already companies working on it in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland and in the Netherlands. The race is on.

In 2019 another start-up has been created. It is called STMLoop International and it is based in Morocco. Their main goal is to develop a hyperloop route between Morocco and Spain. That makes them unique in a sense that they are the only company from Africa and their route would be crossing two continents.

STMLoop International was founded by Alae Moudni and Alberto Sanchis. Moudni is the CEO and Sanchis is the CTO. On their official website they say that their mission is to make it easier for people to travel between countries and to create more efficient and less time-consuming means of transport than the ones that already exist.

The team has 91 members and it comprises of engineers and business leaders. The company is also cooperating with universities in order to take advantage of young and creative minds willing to work n a new project. They have been able to secure 24 sponsorships and they are already in the process of designing two railway lines.

It is only the beginning. STMLoop International still has a lot of work to do. We will see who wins the race to create this groundbreaking, high-speed means of transport.