New Hyperloop company emerges from SpaceX Pod Competition – Swisspod

New Hyperloop company emerges from SpaceX Pod Competition – Swisspod

February 28, 2019 0 By The Tubist

After EUROLOOP, Hardt, Zeleros and Hyper Poland, another Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition participants decided to form a commercial company.

This time Denis Tudor, who was a founder of EPFLoop and a former member of rLoop Controls Team together with his colleague from EPFL Cyril Denereaz formed a company called Swisspod.

We safely build the most efficient, cheapest and fastest Hyperloop solution. After 3 awarded Hyperloop prototypes, it is the time to take it seriously.”

Says the company description on their website.

Swisspod Technologies develops the first, cheapest and most efficient Hyperloop solution in Switzerland. After the performances of the EPFL Hyperloop Team in USA, the founder of the team decided to kick-off a new company whose purpose is to bring up the fifth mode of transportation. Together with one of the advisers of the university team, we propose new routes of high-speed and long distance transportation solutions.

At the moment the Swisspod website presents two renders of their technology. What is interesting is the fact that their capsule has windshields on both sides of the vehicle. Additionally, the tube seems to be made of composite of two different materials.

Swisspod continues Switzerland long tradition of development of vacuum trains. As early as in 1970s Marcel Jufer proposed a country-wide network of evacuated tunnels meant to move people and goods. The concept stated that the trip time from Zurich to Bern would be reduced from current 60 minutes to a mere 12 minutes.

EPFLoop, Swissloop, EuroTube and now Swisspod make Switzerland an important pin on a Hyperloop map. It will be interesting to see how this scene develops in the future.