Missouri Fighting for Hyperloop

Missouri Fighting for Hyperloop

February 4, 2020 1 By Looper

There is a particular bill that could possibly make it more likely for the state of Missouri to host a certification and test track for hyperloop technology. It has been known for a while that Missouri has its own Blue Ribbon Panel on Hyperloop (BRPH). It was formed to investigate the possible advantages of building a hyperloop in Missouri and the ways to do it. You can read more about it here.

The legislation in question is House Bill 1963, sponsored by Travis Fitzwater, member of the Missouri House of Representatives. In his testimony before the House of Representatives General Laws Committee Fitzwater stated that the bill could allow hyperloop to simply be included in public-private partnerships definitions. It would define the hyperloop as a transportation system based on pressurized pods moving through a vacuum tube and transporting people or goods.

In their report, the Missouri Blue Ribbon Panel suggested that a public-private partnership should be formed in order to mitigate the risks to taxpayers. This bill fulfills that recommendation.

Quoting Fitzwater: “(The new language) is just to ensure that government can partner with an organization. A future Legislature could put money toward this project, if that’s what they deem necessary. We’re just kind of locking up the opportunity. We’re making sure we’re not losing the opportunity.”

The state counts on this project because a lot of officials believe that it could put Missouri on the forefront of transportation and high-tech solutions.