Magrail Getting Closer

Magrail Getting Closer

February 24, 2020 1 By Looper

Many hyperloop companies are using crowdfunding as their main resource. It means that they are financially dependent on a large group of people who are willing to donate small amounts of money to help with the company’s new venture. It is also a great way for those firms to connect with the community. It might not sound like an efficient way to get money for new projects but on many occasions crowdfunding has proven to be very effective.

Many people believe in and are willing to contribute to the development of the fifth mode of transport for many different reasons. They could be motivated by the pressure to reduce CO2 emissions and to relieve road congestion.

That is also the goal of Hyper Poland, a Polish company that is currently developing high-speed railways. It draws from the idea of hyperloop system but with some adjustments that will allow for this particular solution to be implemented in the infrastructure that already exists in Poland but has to be modified. It is a sort of an upgrade for the traditional railway system. Over time it is set to evolve into something much more complex and much faster as well – a fully-functioning hyperloop.

If you would like to read more about this project you can go here.

Right now, the company is running their second equity crowdfunding campaign.

The team is collecting money for further research and development of their project. Vehicles with a linear motor could move with the use of the tracks that already exist but to make them go faster some additional elements have to be implemented. With those adjustments, the upgraded trains could speed up to 300 kilometres per hour (around 186 miles per hour) or to 415 kilometres per hour (about 258 miles per hour) depending on the route and track. This solution is called magrail. To finance that, at least in part, the Polish team will need €451.500 which will be added to the grant money that the company received from the National Centre for Research and Development some time ago.

Last year those Polish engineers were very successful with their crowdfunding campaign and at this point it looks like they are on the right track to get the funds they need. That only proves that people want to invest in something new that they believe in. It is a great way of showing the support for high-tech solutions.

For anyone who is interested in making a donation, the British platform Seedrs can be accessed here.