India to release Hyperloop test track tender within 3 months

India to release Hyperloop test track tender within 3 months

April 4, 2019 0 By The Tubist

PMRDA – The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority said that the tenders for the Pune-Mumbai hyperloop test track will be released in two to three months time.

In November last year PMRDA announced the Pune-Mumbai route in cooperation with Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World as an official public infrastructure project. The travel time of this 150 km connection would decrease from 3 hours + to 30 minutes. More details available in the video:

As the first step, the plan assumes building the 11.4 test track from Gahnuje to Ozarde.

“We have evaluated several locations in Mumbai, but can’t finalize one before we get a report from IIT-Bombay (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)” said the PMRDA official representatives.

The project is planned in the Swiss Challenge Method, which is a method of bidding, often used in public projects, in which an interested party initiates a proposal for a contract or the bid for a project. The government then puts the details of the project out in the public and invites proposals from others interested in executing it.

In the opposition to this information, district guardian minister Girish Bapat said that hyperloop was just a “test project” and could not be implemented under the PMRDA’s Comprehensive Mobility Plan for the next 20 years.