HyperloopTT partners with GAUSSIN

HyperloopTT partners with GAUSSIN

December 13, 2019 5 By Looper

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies recently announced its partnership with a French engineering company GAUSSIN. They are going to be collaborating on the supply of electric and autonomous vehicles.

GAUSSIN is a company working in the field of transport and logistics. It deals with both cargo and passenger transport and is greatly focused on incorporating self-driving solutions into its projects. It owns more than 50.000 vehicles worldwide and mainly works in four markets: port terminals, airports, logistics and people mobility.

Andres de Leon and Christophe Gaussin

The collaboration covers developing electric self-driving vehicles able to carry and transfer containers in a hyperloop system, so in magnetic levitation trains running in a tube at 1,200 km/h. Those are going to be called AIV HyperloopTT, where AIV stands for Automotive Intelligent Vehicle. The task of AIV HyperloopTT will be to carry containers from the port storage up to the hyperloop capsule. There they will have to use a lateral transfer module for transferring those previously taken containers. This solution is bound to shorten transfer time and the station stops of trains as well as allow uninterrupted supply to the capsules. And this, in turn, will greatly reduce overall costs and at the same time will maximize productivity and flexibility of the hyperloop solution.

When asked to comment on this recent partnership, Andres de Leon, Chief Executive Officer of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, said:

“GAUSSIN will play a critical role in bringing our freight solutions to reality. The interest in bringing Hyperloop to the world’s overcrowded ports and freight systems is very high. Because of the system’s speed, efficiency, economic benefits, and low carbon footprint, Hyperloop is on its way to becoming the new standard in transport solutions for the 21st century. With a global industry leader like Gaussin a major puzzle piece for Hyperloop freight systems has been solved.”