Hyperloop vs HS2

Hyperloop vs HS2

March 2, 2020 0 By Looper

This topic is not new but it is still being discussed over and over again because the plan to build HS2 has started not only a national but also a global debate.

But what exactly is HS2? HS2 stands for High Speed 2 and it is a partially planned high speed railway that has been designed to run in the United Kingdom. It has the number two in it because there already is one speed line in the UK. It links London to the Channel Tunnel. The new line is supposed to start in London and then head up North. The trains are designed to reach up to 250 miles per hour (around 400 kilometres per hour).

The idea of HS2 was first introduced in 2009 and in 2012 the government announced that they want to proceed with the construction which has been divided into two phases. The first one is to build a line from Birmingham to London. It is estimated that it could become operational only in 2028 or even later. The second phase, expansion of the line, will not happen sooner than in 2035.

The whole track is going to be 345 miles long and the overall costs revolve around £88 billion so it is a big investment. In fact, it is so big that people have started wondering if it is even feasible. Especially when many people all around the world are working on an extremely efficient and eco-friendly hyperloop system.

However, HS2 might have to be built above the ground as there have been concerns about the damage the line could have on the West Midlands countryside. That solution would make it easier to modernize the rail if the UK decides that it is ready for a hyperloop.