Hyperloop to connect Helsinki with Talinn

Hyperloop to connect Helsinki with Talinn

November 18, 2018 0 By admin

The project is called FinEst Link and it aims to connect capitals of Estonia and Finland. When finished it would be the world’s longest underwater tunnel.

Currently on a visit to the headquarters of Virgin Hyperloop One the Estonian Prime Minister met with Josh Giegel, CTO and Jay Walder company newly appointed CEO.

The spokeperson for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia said:

“The tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki is not only of interest in Europe. This would be the world’s longest underwater tunnel and is of interest across the entire world. The Hyperloop project is constantly evolving and it must also definitely be considered when moving forward with the tunnel project between Tallinn and Helsinki,”

Back in September 2017 a LOI was signed between VHO and the Estonian Government aimed at collaboration as part of the Talinn-Helsinki tunnel connection.

This project comes as another in the Baltic region. Previously VHO was considering Stockholm-Helsinki connection, however, after the company split ways with Brogan Bambrogan we heard no more news in this regard.

Another project in the Baltic region is supposed to take place in Poland, where EUROLOOP and Hyper Poland are working to connect Warsaw with Central Communication Port – newly announced megaproject by the Polish government aimed at creating biggest airport in the CEE.