Hyperloop Technology Centre in Germany

Hyperloop Technology Centre in Germany

January 18, 2020 0 By Looper

The Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxon supports project-related research with the state budget funding resources and from the Volkswagen Foundation. The Ministry decided to grant €290.000 to the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer and the University of Oldenburg so that they can establish a research and technology centre for the advancement of their hyperloop project (so called European HyperLoop Technology Centre – EUHyTeC).

Both universities are collaborating on the HyperPod X which is a student team taking part in the international Hyperloop Pod Competition. Their pod reached the finals twice.

With this money the project leaders will set up an office and work on the submission of an EU application within the next three years. The leaders are Lukas Eschment and Phillip Zürn, both from HyperPod X team.  Eschment is a master student in Engineering Physics and his task will involve preparing the technical side of the project, while Zürn, completing his master’s degree in Management Consulting, will be responsible for economic and organizational matters.

They also want to look into the Emsland Transrapid Test Facility which used to be a testing site for Transrapid maglev trains in Emsland, Germany. Unfortunately there has been an accident and the facility was closed. The idea is to check if reactivating it could be feasible.

According to Prof. Dr. Walter Neu, who is overseeing the project, there are already some discussions with the city and external parties on building a 500-metre test track nearby the university.