Virgin Hyperloop One to connect Melbourne and Sydney

Virgin Hyperloop One to connect Melbourne and Sydney

November 26, 2018 0 By The Tubist

Representatives from Virgin Hyperloop One (VHO) are proposing that Hyperloop could eventually merge the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, creating one huge megacity. They estimating travel time for around one hour.

We’ll make Sydney and Melbourne really connected to each other. If you connect two cities with Hyperloop, you get, effectively, a sort of global city punching above its weight in a global economy.

Says Virgin Hyperloop One Vice President, Alan James

These plans are getting more interesting since the first voice of criticism came from CLARA, an Australian company made to deliver new ways of imagining, planning and building cities, transport and infrastructure. While both companies are into high-speed transportation systems, CLARA relies on traditional rail ideas and has been working hard to obtain government funds for this purpose. Meanwhile, VHO Hyperloop One walks in with a fresh but not ready yet solution and wants Australia to be the first real case for Hyperloop bringing a city-to-city connection.