Hyper Poland Reaches Its Goal and Gets the Attention

Hyper Poland Reaches Its Goal and Gets the Attention

March 10, 2020 0 By Looper

Another hyperloop team made the cut to the EU-Startups article. Last time it was Spanish Zeleros which was listed as one of 10 most promising cleantech European startups. The new article is focused on 10 Poland-based startups that show great promise.

The writers consider Poland to have an appealing entrepreneurial landscape which attracts more and more international companies to base their offices in this country. The region is also taken under consideration for venture capital funds. Startup network in Poland flourishes with co-working hubs and organisations willing to provide guidance for new founders. The most commonly chosen areas for new startups are either in or next to the biggest cities in the Country, meaning Warsaw, Cracov, Wroclaw, Lublin and Tricity.

In 2019 Poland was chosen as the 7th most startup-friendly country worldwide by CEOWORLD magazine. It was beaten by countries like the United States, the UK and Germany but it was placed above Sweden, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Japan and many others. The number of startups in Poland seems to prove it, as in the past 5 years it has doubled.

The companies that were chosen by EU-Startups are, among others, Nomagic, a company that modernized the process of picking bins with the use of robots and Blinkee, one of the most rapidly growing sharing services that provides its customers with electric scooters in cities located not only in Poland but also in Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Sweden, Malta and Romania. Another fascinating startup on the list is Genomtec with its main goal to develop genetic labs that are the size of a smartphone and have nearly 100% accuracy.

Hyper Poland’s magrail model

Among those visionary firms there is one that works on the hyperloop system, or rather its own, modified version of it. It is Hyper Poland which was founded in 2015, in Warsaw. Its founders want to modernize Polish railway industry with a commercial magnetic railway that will increase the speed of trains but with the use of infrastructure that already exists. In the future Hyper Poland wants to transform their system into the hyperloop which is based on a vacuum tube that contains moving pods.

One of the factors that might have contributed to the fact that Hyper Poland was mentioned in the article is the fact that the company has recently hit its funding target on Seedrs platform.

They have raised over €450.000 in ten days and now the project is being over-funded by the people who still want to contribute. So far, Hyper Poland has been backed by 423 investors from over 30 countries which proves that people are interested in the company’s activity and want it to keep on growing and working on Polish railways.