HypED presents its progress before SpaceX pod competition

HypED presents its progress before SpaceX pod competition

March 1, 2019 0 By The Tubist

HYPED is a student society at the University of Edinburgh dedicated to the acceleration of the development of Hyperloop and implemention of the technology in the UK. HYPED is advancing both technical and commercial development of Hyperloop, having seen success in three international competitions.

HypED team was founded in 2015 and has grown to over 200+ members as of 2018. The team is diverse, comprised of an international group of students across academic disciplines.

The video lately published by HypED focuses on presenting maglev as a solution for suspension of the pod and explains the way it works. The team decided like many others to use Hallbach arrays to levitate the pod. One of the team members breaks down the physics behind this solution in a simple manner. See the video below for the details:

HypED is gearing up to take part in the SpaceX Pod Competition 2019 this summer. They released a second video with an exploded view of their pod. The design is vastly similar to the rLoop entry from 2017 with a pressure vessel on top of the substructure. From the video it looks like the team is planning to use rotating Hallbach arrays for propulsion and braking. This methodology can provide some thrust, however, very limited in its magnitude. You can see the video below: