HTT promotes Hyperloop to connect Australian cities

HTT promotes Hyperloop to connect Australian cities

January 10, 2019 1 By The Tubist

Hyperloop to transform and revolutionize transport system is being pitched once again by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, this time in Australia.

HTT has made a submission to a government inquiry pushing it to consider the benefits of the vacuum-train technology.

As usual, the pitch is that at the top speed of 1223 km/h Australians could travel between Sydney and Melbourne in under 40 minutes, Melbourne and Canberra in about 23 minutes, Canberra and Sydney in 14 minutes and Sydney and Brisbane in 37 minutes. Important competitive advantages versus other solutions are that the system would be completely silent and wouldn’t affect Australian wildlife, which is a serious problem of rail and road transport at the moment. HTT points out that the highway distances between cities like Sydney and Melbourne (898km); Sydney and Brisbane (919km); and Melbourne and Adelaide (726km); are suited for a hyperloop technology to be extra-competitive.

HyperloopTT is now hoping the Federal Government will fund an innovation hub to help prove the technology is safe, efficient and feasible. It also wants it to take a role in creating standards for the vacuum and autonomous systems.