EuroTube to provide infrastructure parts for Hyperloop

EuroTube to provide infrastructure parts for Hyperloop

January 13, 2019 0 By The Tubist

Hyperloop industry doesn’t consist of the companies developing the full system only. One of the players up there is EuroTube – a non-profit research organization that is building technologies and establishing a cutting-edge test and development infrastructure for sustainable ultra-high-speed vacuum ground transportation.

EuroTube responds to the growing demand of teams that build Hyperloop pods and industry stakeholders in need of the testing sites for their research and development in Europe. Various teams and companies from all over Europe are working on their vision without any testing environments for their vehicles because the necessary infrastructure is too expensive for them to build. EuroTube intends to meet these requirements with shared research facilities and advances the joint technological development by prototyping the actual infrastructure through various non-profit, entrepreneurial and commercial incentives.

The main three pillars of EuroTube operations are: R&D – establishing research projects with the industry partners; testing infrastructure – a respond to growing demand for a shared test site in Europe; and transferring technology – networking among engineers and transportation companies.

One the first products developed by EuroTube in collaboration with EPFL is Alphashell -textile reinforced concrete for the shell of the vacuum tube. As the main tube material, EuroTube strives to create a high-performance infrastructure while ensuring its economic efficiency.