Delft Looks Into Safety

Delft Looks Into Safety

April 25, 2020 0 By Looper

Safety is one of the key aspects taken into account when it comes to new technologies. This year Delft Hyperloop’s team has decided to give it a closer look and to create the first publicly available hyperloop safety concept, which will be shared with the public over the course of upcoming months.

The hyperloop has not yet been fully developed which makes it possible to use safety as one of the major design criteria at its current stage. The Dutch team aims to introduce the safety framework with the target of having at least the level of safety set for the European commercial airlines. This refers to the number of passenger fatalities per passenger travelled kilometre.

The framework is focused on a few aspects. Namely, semi-quantitative risk assessment, emergency scenario analysis, RAM (which stands for the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) analysis along with stakeholder analysis. This will help to identify the biggest safety issues, weaknesses and flaws of the designed system. It would also enable tracking the possible failure modes and thus providing solutions which would maximize the operational performance of the hyperloop.

The results obtained from above-mentioned analyses will be used as guidelines on the safety system and its improvements. They will indicate the best ways to cope with communication methods, as well as with the system of entrance and exit points, which assure efficient evacuation plan. Moreover, they will contribute to setting a clear division of responsibilities between autonomous systems and human operators, along with coming up with the best ways to apply security measures in relation to baggage screening and document controls, when crossing the borders.

Delft Hyperloop will keep on working on their safety project and the full results should be published by the team in the summer.