Delft Hyperloop is building a Test Track

Delft Hyperloop is building a Test Track

April 29, 2019 0 By The Tubist

The construction of the Delft Hyperloop test track started at the end of April.

ProRail, a government task organization that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national railway network infrastructure is the track’s sponsor. The track is currently being built in Hilversum, northern Netherlands – the site of voestalpine Railpro, which supplies a wide variety of rail infrastructure products. StruktonRail, a railway equipment supplier, is currently in the process of equipping the track with a long aluminium I-profile.

Delft Hyperloop plans to start testing the Atlas 02 pod on the 1st of May. The goal is to reach 300 km/h over a distance of 380 metres.

“Having the opportunity to use this tailor-made test track at Crailoo, the TU Delft Hyperloop team’s chances of winning the competition are considerably increased”

said team’s Captain, Rieneke van Noort.

“Designing the system took us about 6 months, but fully anticipating all contingencies is always a pitfall. The testing phase has to tell us whether the design will actually function in line with our expectations. Many of the other teams do not have a good test location. The possibility to test the pod live here in Hilversum will significantly increase our chances of winning.”