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The first Hyperloop company, HTT was founded in November 2013 by JumpStartFund CEO Dirk Ahlborn. The goal was to use their crowdfunding platform JumpStartFund to make a crowd-sourced version of Hyperloop.

Since then they have announced several feasibility studies with several governments, and set up a facility in Toulouse, France. In October 2018 they announced a first version of their passenger pod at a media event. It was unclear if the prototype was functional or not.

February 5, 2020 0

An Italian Initiative

By Looper

One of the most recognizable hyperloop companies has just announced that they are very interested in developing their technology in…

January 4, 2020 1

A Green Way to Travel

By Looper

Although hyperloop technology is still being developed, people already have questions regarding its impact on the environment. They want to…