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Arrivo was a now defunct American company founded by former SpaceX engineer and Hyperloop One founder Brogan Bambrogan. After falling out with the other founders, Brogan left Hyperloop One to start his own company in the Hyperloop industry.

Arrivo was focused on creating a car transportation system for urban areas with high congestion. The system did not include a vacuum tube at the time Arrivo closed it’s doors, but would rather move cars on levitating sleds along the center lane of highways at speeds around 200mph.

In 2017 Arrivo announced a cooperation with the state of Colorado to perform a feasibility study of their system.

December 15, 2018 1

Arrivo shuts down

By The Tubist

L.A. based Hyperloop company Arrivo shuts down its operations. Company’s employees were laid off in November. Arrivo is shutting down because…