Arrivo’s loss, rLoop’s gain

Arrivo’s loss, rLoop’s gain

December 12, 2019 0 By Looper

Recently, it was revealed that the intellectual property of Arrivo has been sold to another company. Arrivo was a startup founded by a former SpaceX engineer and Hyperloop One (now Virgin Hyperloop One) founder Brogan BamBrogan. It had to be shut down last December, after only two years on the market. However, it seems that not everything that Arrivo was working on is lost.

The new owner of Arrivo’s ideas is rLoop, a decentralized engineering organization which uses crowdfunding as an investment source. It has three founders: Brent Lessard, Thomas Lambot and Ilyas Vali, but the whole team is distributed in over fifty countries around the world. The company has won a few global awards, two of them from SpaceX: “Best Non-Student Hyperloop Design” and “Innovation Award”.

Brent Lessard was the one to confirm the sale but without giving any details about the amount of money his group had to pay.

Right now rLoop is still in the process of evaluating all of Arrivo’s developments. Lessard’s team will have to assess the progress that has been made regarding the use of magnetic levitation as opposed to the vacuum tube. It might also be possible to recover some of the Arrivo’s projects, for example a test site in Denver, Colorado. What is more, some of the former employees have been contacted by Lessard, who later said that:

“many of them have expressed the desire to implement the concept.”

This might mean that rLoop’s team is considering hiring them to work on the project again. So it seems that even after BamBrogan’s company was shut down there is still hope for their ideas to be implemented by someone else.