“Are you a masochist!?” Virgin Hyperloop One’s new CEO interviewed

“Are you a masochist!?” Virgin Hyperloop One’s new CEO interviewed

February 25, 2019 0 By The Tubist

Jay Walder, the current CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One who took the lead after Richard Branson, was a guest at CNN’s “Quest means Business” – a Richard Quest’s talk show. He was talking on high-speed transportation, making the case for its “game-changing infrastructure”, and predicting how much it will cost.

– “Are you a masochist?” asked Quest. “You put your rubber gloves on to deal with World’s subways in the biggest cities with the most entrenched problems. And now this?!” he continued pointing at a tunnel visualisation in the background.

– “But this one is so much fun” answered Walder without a second of hesitation.

Before taking the lead at Virgin Hyperloop One, he was the CEO of Motivate – a bike sharing company, the Hong Kong transit company MTR Corporation (MTRC) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the New York metropolitan area – the largest transit agency in the United States.

„In this country, we have four project studies on the way right now: Texas, Colorado, Missouri and Mid-West.” says Jay Walden asked about which cities are the best fit for the first implementations.

When asked about the cost of the planned infrastructure Walder answers:

„Our estimates right now are that this is roughly 60-70 % of the cost of High-Speed Rail.” shares the CEO.

He explains that the part of the savings will come from the fact that the infrastructure will be elevated. The same arguments are used by most Maglev enthusiasts, however, they yet have to be proven.

You can watch the whole video below.