Another Hyperloop company aims at cargo transportation

Another Hyperloop company aims at cargo transportation

May 7, 2019 0 By The Tubist

Hyperloop is usually associated with fast and efficient passenger transportation. To make it happen, as it was with the previous modes of transportation, the technology needs to be tested with cargo services. This time it’s Swisspod the newest entrant to the Hyperloop race which teases with renders of the cargo capsule.

Some of the Hyperloop companies have already been working on the cargo version of vacuum-based solutions. The first one to do so is EUROLOOP, a Poland-based e-mobility and infrastructure company devoted to introducing to the market ACTS – Autonomous Container Transportation System.

Coming out of Elon Musk’s Competition, teamed-up with the most relevant players from the Baltic Maritime Industry, EUROLOOP aims at reducing the bottle-neck problems in container terminals by bringing an efficient, autonomous and vacuum-based solution to the seaports and inland logistic centers. It is the first Hyperloop company in Europe and also the first one in the world to work on intermodal container oriented Hyperloop.



Virgin Hyperloop One, in the partnership with DP World – container terminal operator, is also working on a cargo solution called DP World Cargospeed. Released promo materials show a non-intermodal (smaller than a container) packages transported from the seaports to the door delivery performed by Hyperloop and drones. The concept makes tons of sense from a user perspective. However, repackaging goods in the seaports has always been troublesome. That’s why containers became as important as they are nowadays.


Another company with plans connected with cargo is Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. HTT signed a letter of intent with HHLA, a container operator in the port of Hamburg. As usual, no details were shared.



Apparently, Swisspod wants to join this group chasing a Hyperloop cargo transportation. At the moment not much information has been shared except of the pod render visible below. However, it will be interesting to see how the concept will differ from Cargo Sous Terrain which plans to develop a vast network of tunnels between major cities and logistics centres in order to move pallets and containers of all kinds using environmently friendly vehicles.