Another European Hyperloop company is hiring – Zeleros

Another European Hyperloop company is hiring – Zeleros

April 26, 2019 0 By The Tubist

After Swisspod now Zeleros opened a recruitment process. They announced a wide list of demanded positions. Working on Hyperloop is a multidisciplinary effort so among Zeleros’s job offers there is room for various specialists.

From the engineering perspective, they’re looking for an Expert in electromagnetism, Magnetic simulation engineer, Mechanical design engineer, Control engineer, CFD engineer, Lead infrastructure manager, Vehicle lead engineer and Electronics/software engineer.

Together with the R&D Crew, Zoleros is looking at hiring people responsible for a business side of the project, such as Marketing and Social Media Lead, Design and Media Lead, Business developer, Expert in Transport Regulations and Office Administrator.

There’s also place for Technical Interns.