VHO’s Anita Sengupta presents at The Royal Institution

VHO’s Anita Sengupta presents at The Royal Institution

November 22, 2018 0 By admin

Virgin Hyperloop One (VHO) Senior Vice President Anita Sengupta recently gave a talk at The Royal Institution discussing hyperloop. It is a first in a long-time talk giving some fresh insight into an actual technology being developed by the VHO and its potential market application.

We prepared the list of the most interesting points from the Q&A.

  • VHO considers “caravanning” the pods in order to increase maximum capacity for peak hours. This is understandable since theoretical maximum capacity for single pods leaving the station each 15 second is around 25 mln passengers a year. This comes way short from existing systems like Shinkansen which has a capacity of more than 100 mln passengers a year.
  • When asked about cargo transport, Anita Sengupta clarifies that VHO plans to move only high-value cargo and won’t be moving full containers coming off the ships. This requires costly repacking in the ports and a vast network of tubes across the country since, smaller pallets typically are delivered to many different destinations as opposed to being moved in bulks between logistic centres like containers.
  • The cost per kilometer was again not revealed. Anita said that it will cost the same or less than rail
  • The possibility of a submerged tube was excluded. VHO is not working currently on it
  • There will be segments of the tube with safety gate valves which can be closed and then the segment gets depressurized in case of an emergency
  • VHO is working on facial recognition to deal with security at the station

You can watch the full video below.