An Inspiring Design

An Inspiring Design

March 9, 2020 0 By Looper

Now that the Mumbai-Pune project has real chances of being carried out, it might be a good idea to look at an especially interesting design made by a young designer – Astin John. He created a proposal for a hyperloop terminal that would be located in Mumbai, India. It would connect various means of transport together with the hyperloop system. Hyperloop tubes would be built on pylons, allowing the construction to be placed over the existing roads.

It is inspired by the aerodynamic free flow of the air. The terminal, which would act as a transportation hub, is designed in such a way that it is linking a great vehicular diversity that can be found in Mumbai.

More detailed design of the hyperloop terminal in Mumbai.

This modern design reflects the new age of technology represented by the hyperloop system. The aerodynamic shape is a carefully designed symbol of the flow of both goods and passengers from point A to point B. It also symbolizes the transfer from one mode of transport to another. In addition to that, the façade has built-in sensors and actuators that are supposed to adjust to the weather conditions outside.

Although it is just an idea, it shows that the novel hyperloop technology could be incorporated into the existing system in Mumbai and this is just one way to do it. This fresh design goes well with the idea of the fifth mode of transportation which is something revolutionary.