Alberta Government as a Supporter of Transpod’s Project

Alberta Government as a Supporter of Transpod’s Project

August 27, 2020 0 By Looper

TransPod is a Canadian company working on the development of the hyperloop technology. Their two big projects are based in France as well as in Canada. The first one is a test track for hyperloop and its construction was scheduled to start in March 2020. The second one is a full scale hyperloop system which would connect two of Canada’s largest cities – Edmonton and Calgary. According to the company, the planned route, which has stations in downtown Calgary, the city’s airport, Red Deer and Edmonton International Airport, could be covered in approximately 30 minutes.

This Tuesday TransPod has made a big step by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government of Alberta. The province will support the company by carefully studying the feasibility of the technology, sharing data on transportation as well as searching for the most suitable grounds for building a test track.

Having signed the MOU, TransPod can now start focusing on attracting private investors in order to finance their project, as the province will assist the company in carrying out all of the groundwork that needs to be done, but will not commit any funding to the project. Therefore, the most important input offered by the government is related to research and design. TransPod is also collaborating both with the European Union and United States transportation committees on the matters related to their newest technology.

This firm’s bold hyperloop project is being welcomed by Alberta government because it can secure the province’s economic future without having to use any of the taxpayer dollars, according to the statement of the co-founder and CEO of TransPod, Sebastien Gendron. This topic has also been discussed in one of the previous articles on the Calgary-Edmonton route.

Naheed Nenshi, Calgary mayor, is clearly very excited about his latest announcement, as he expresses in his very optimistic statement:

“We’ve talked about high-speed rail for so long, since I was a little kid, between Calgary and Edmonton and if this is a technology that is really close to being real, then that could really make a huge difference for the Calgary-Edmonton-Red Deer tech corridor, as well as more safe movement of goods and people.”

The feasibility study is supposed to begin by the end of this year, and the construction of the above-mentioned test track is scheduled for 2022. Furthermore, in 2025 the company is planning to begin the construction of their first full inter-city hyperloop line, which should be operational by 2030.

If everything goes according to plan and TransPod’s predictions are correct, the project will have created even up to 38 000 new jobs over the course of 10 years – both in creation and maintenance of the system.