A Desirable Invention

A Desirable Invention

December 31, 2019 1 By Looper

There are a few major contestants in the race for creating the fully-functional fifth mode of transport. So what makes Hardt special in comparison with the others?

Hardt is a Dutch company working on the development of the hyperloop. Recently, it has been announced that Hardt is working on the first European Hyperloop Center (EHC). It would not only be used by its creators but also by anyone else who wishes to test the projects they are working on. However, this is not the reason most investors have in mind when they choose Hardt over its competition.

The answer is the lane switching system (HLS – Hyperloop Lane Switch) that enables the capsules to change tracks without slowing down. This invention would also make it possible for the capsule to make an extra stop between major cities without the need for the other capsules to wait until the previous one moves on. It would mean that there is no need for building additional tubes for different stops. As a result, the costs of building the hyperloop would be lower and the tubes would not take as much space. Another advantage of this mechanism is that it would not have any moving parts which would make it easy to maintain and boost its efficiency at the same time.

According to Jelte Altena, Head of Marketing in Hardt, the company is currently in touch with the other developers trying to draw up the standardization project.

In his words: “It is conceivable that we might work on specific points in cooperation with each other. That we will form a consortium of companies where we would combine the necessary technologies together.”

Among Hardt’s investors is Kees Koolen, a Dutch rally raid racer and a businessman. The company is also closely collaborating with its international partners, including Tata Steel, Royal BAM Group,Goudsmit Magnetics, Continental and ABB. Additionally, it is supported by EIT InnoEnergy which invested €5 mln in the project.