A closer look at Delft Hyperloop latest achievements

A closer look at Delft Hyperloop latest achievements

January 3, 2019 0 By The Tubist

A team of students at the Delft University of Technology won the main award at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2016, and this year they were second. The Netherlands, the country where the University is located, aims to be the first in Europe to build and implement a fully-functional Hyperloop system.

The team’s work has a lot of exposure in the Netherlands and the Dutch Hyperloop system’s development is supported by government’s efforts to invest in research. The system has a potential to decrease the number of vehicles on the road and fulfill the needs of people traveling at various distances.

From the technical side, Delft team’s concept is based on a classic, Elon Musk’s proposal – the pod is designed to integrate with a linear induction motor as a propulsion system and maglev is used as a suspension system.

Courtesy of Delft Hyperloop
The concept of Hyperloop station presented by TU Delft students is also very interesting. Attractive renders show a safe and convenient connection between the passengers and the system.