Groningen Goes Green

Groningen Goes Green

February 27, 2020 0 By Looper

Some time ago Hardt Hyperloop announced that they wanted to build a European Hyperloop Center (EHC) in Groningen, in the Netherlands. This Dutch company’s plan for EHC is to gather all hyperloop developers from different parts of the world and make it possible for them to test their projects. It will consist of a research laboratory and a three kilometre-long test track.

In a recent interview, the regional minister of the province of Groningen, Mirjam Wulfse was asked a number of questions concerning the centre and the hyperloop system in her province.

She disclosed that Groningen is working on going green all the way. They want to build a wind farm at sea, on the Wadden Sea which can then be transferred to Eemshaven, where it can be converted into hydrogen via electrolysis. The province also wants to invest in autonomous transport.

When asked about the reason behind hosting EHC, Wulfse said that she wants Groningen to be involved in the transportation of the future in all kinds of ways. The arrival of the hyperloop test centre seems to fit perfectly with this plan.

There are already some external parties interested in using the centre. Among them are companies like Koopman Logistics in Leek and Heiploeg. Their main goal would be to see if the hyperloop system works and if it would be beneficial for them to use it or to invest in building a tunnel that fits their purposes.

Wulfse believes that an opportunity like this one could turn Groningen into the centre of Europe.